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SINC Solutions can offer your organisation a Whistleblower Reporting Service, where employees or other persons can report suspected workplace misconduct to an independent and confidential service.

Disclosures can be made in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 and relevant sections of the Corporations Act 2001.

Our experience has shown that people are more likely to report wrongdoing to an independent reporting service than report the matter internally. Many organisations either don’t have the trained staff available, or receive so few Protected Disclosures that it becomes difficult to maintain the required expertise. We are aware of the obligations to adequately receive and manage the disclosures and we can help your organisation handle these sensitive matters.

Many Protected Disclosures received by organisations are not about corruption, serious maladministration or a serious or substantial waste of public money and therefore may not be a Protected Disclosure in the true sense of the term.

SINC Solutions staff have that first-hand experience in receiving and managing Protected Disclosures within an organisation and complying with relevant requirements.

We can provide your organisation with a confidential reporting service incorporating phone, email, fax or hard copy mail allowing Protected Disclosures to be made 24-7. We receive the Disclosure, provide a detailed report to the organisation on each Disclosure, and provide review and investigation services where required.

Potential Whistleblowers within your organisation require information about how to make a Protected Disclosure, and we can offer a variety of documentation and education packages including written communications and face to face training services.

Talk to us today about how we can tailor a Whistleblower Service to suit the particular needs of your organisation.

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