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Operational reviews include the review of your organisation’s systems, processes or individual business unit function.

  • Do you have systems that have been in place for a number of years?
  • Are they still providing the most effective and efficient method for doing your business?
  • Are you getting the best from your staff and meeting your KPIs?
  • Is your Internal Audit program addressing your top 10 areas of risk?

Operational reviews will ensure your organisation is meeting best practice requirements including the Department of Local Government’s Better Practice Review requirements. We will help you achieve your Triple Bottom Line/Quadruple Bottom Line and ensure team efficiency and effectiveness both financially and in terms of strategies to improve staff performance.

SINC Solutions can look at what you do and compare to best practice to identify alternative ways to achieve the best results for your organisation. We can undertake focus group discussions to help ‘cultural change’ and implement change management strategies to improve efficiencies. Our senior team have experience in quality system reviews and will conduct on-site meetings with your people to review process and interview key stakeholders to get the best results for your organisation.

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