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SINC Solutions can offer your organisation a private ombudsman service, where complaints about the administration of the organisation can be lodged by members of the public, staff or other persons.

Typically, these complaints would not have been adequately resolved by the organisation, or could be of a more serious nature. Our experience has shown that people are more likely to report wrongdoing to an independent reporting service than to report the matter internally.

Complaints received by SINC Solutions undergo initial investigation to ascertain the veracity and seriousness of the complaint in the particular circumstances. If warranted, a more detailed investigation is undertaken with recommendations for corrective action outlined in a report to the organisation’s representative.
Regular reporting back to the organisation on the complaints received by the External Ombudsman Service is undertaken in order to identify specific complaint trends within the organisation and ensure the organisation responds accordingly.

The core objective of an external ombudsman service is the promotion of good administrative practices that are accountable, lawful, fair, transparent and responsive.

At SINC Solutions, our staff have extensive experience in administrative reviews, investigations, and most importantly working as ombudsman staff within an organisation. We are well equipped to provide this very unique service to our customers.

For government organisations, an external ombudsman service can act as a ‘stop-gap measure’ between your organisation and watchdog authorities such as NSW Ombudsman, ICAC, The Audit Office and the Department of Local Government. Our experience has shown that reviewing and addressing complaints early, can avoid those embarrassing public reports about your organisation.

Talk to us today about how we can tailor our External Ombudsman service to suit your particular needs.

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