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Corporate Governance is the foundation of a sustainable and successful organisation.

Corporate Governance is about managing your corporate responsibilities effectively and in the best interests of the community. We can enhance or design and develop a corporate governance framework for you including the introduction of policies and procedures that promote good governance.

SINC Solutions can develop and train staff in best practice corporate governance procedures. We have extensive experience in local government and have worked in both private and public sector organisations to design, implement and review their corporate governance strategies. Specific policies as outlined in the Department of Local Government’s Model Code of Conduct have been designed and implemented for a number of local councils.

We have first-hand experience in developing, implementing and educating staff in the following Policies and Procedures

Complaints Management – Our experience suggests that clear policy and direction add to the positive role that customer service delivery means for your business.  We can help you draft appropriate guidelines for staff when dealing with difficult customers and add a new dimension to your complaints handling procedures.

Conflict of Interests – SINC Solutions has vast knowledge in the handling of conflict of interests including the provision of advice, policy and direction, documentation and review.  Our experience will help to guide your organisation through its conflict of interests responsibilities to ensure that the integrity of your decision-making reflects best practise and is always in the public interest.

EEO – Policy and direction feature in this legislative requirement for all organisations whether it is covered in your HR documentation or under a separate policy for fair workplaces with positive working relationships, we can help design the right policy and procedure for your organisation.

Ethics – Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics and the integrity of your organisation need to be clearly communicated to all levels of your organisation on a regular basis.  SINC Solutions have a wide range of experience in the delivery of training and refresher courses to ensure that your staff are fully aware of their responsibilities to keep the organisation operating with high ethical standards every day.

Fraud – Red flags or indicators of fraudulent activity are all around.  We can help your organisation develop a policy to guide staff as to the nature of fraud and how to best approach dealing with suspected fraudulent activity.

Gifts Benefits and Hospitality – Best practice organisations suggest that maintaining a register for gifts, benefits and hospitality will help your organisation achieve a level of accountability in terms of corruption prevention.  With appropriate policy and procedures for staff to easily document their responsibility, your organisation will reap the benefits of accountability and transparency in decision-making.  We can help you each step of the way through the development of tailored policy to address your organisation’s needs.

Harassment and Bullying – The health of your organisation depends on a workplace that is free of bullying, harassment and discrimination where employees know what to do if they have a grievance or issue of concern and what your organisation will do about it.  A policy outlining the internal reporting methodology for your organisation and appropriate training for staff will ensure that the culture of your organisation is healthy and productive.

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