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Over the last two years, our local government clients have been scattered across NSW and include over twenty metropolitan and rural councils.

We pride ourselves on our repeat business in the NSW local government arena and will continue to provide exceptional service to meet current and future client needs.

Recently, we have assisted our clients in a myriad of ways by providing professional services in the following areas including:

  • Investigation services in relation to bullying and harassment allegations including sexual harassment; bullying up by staff towards a manager and other instances involving operational concerns within business units.
  • Probity auditing services for a local government agency currently progressing a Public and Private Partnership [PPP].
  • Investigation services for a private organisation in relation to allegations of inappropriate conduct involving alcohol in the workplace.
  • Formation of a number of corporate governance policies for councils.
  • Independent Members of Conduct Review Committees for a number of NSW councils, including metropolitan and regional Councils.
  • Advice on Conduct Review Committee formation, practical operations and reporting including process advice.
  • Investigation services for a council regarding inappropriate conduct by a Senior Executive.
  • Organisation wide training and development in Risk Management Framework.  This local government agency went on to win the 2008 LGMA (NSW) Award for the development and implementation of this framework.
  • Organisation wide training and development of an Anti-Bullying Strategy including policy and procedures for reporting bullying and harassment in the workplace.  The strategy achieved compliance with Workcover.
  • Process Reviews for a number of councils on Customer Service; Records Management; and Freedom of Information and Section 12 Processing.
  • Investigation services for a council regarding the assessment and processing of a development application.
  • Facilitation of managerial training for new Managers across a major government department.
  • Conducted workshops on part of the ‘Think Again’ program.
  • Numerous education seminars as part of the Councillor professional development program including topics such as conflict of interests; code of conduct; and roles and responsibilities.

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