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Change Management is all about taking a structured approach to organisational change through the proper management of the people associated with the organisation.

Change Management can be difficult to implement in long established organisations and with long-term staff. Change management may be required as a result of:

  • Re-structures;
  • Report recommendations arising from oversight agencies or external enquiries, investigations or reviews;
  • New codes, policies and procedures; or
  • Just implementing fast paced and ever changing technology

SINC Solutions can assist your organisation in making the necessary changes whether it is policy development, staff training or communication planning. Often when an organisation receives a report from the DLG, ICAC, CMC or the NSW Ombudsman it may be a daunting task to implement all the recommendations within the required timeframes. SINC Solutions can assist in either coordinating the actions required, preparing responses or undertaking the required work to implement the recommendations.

We will build rapport with your staff, answer those difficult questions or just provide that independent view that might be just what you need to get staff over the line.

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